7 useful things to fuse to arrows in TOTK

There are lots of things that are useful to fuse in TOTK, but today it’s just arrows.

These are very useful things to have found in TOTK, but you can share some things that you like, too!

  • Chuchu jellies. There are no elemental arrows in TOTK, so try fusing chuchu jellies! There are tons of types of jellies, that can explode and freeze, splash, and burn your enemies! They are useful to clear up the sludge in the Zora Domain, or paralyze a tough enemy.
  • Bomb Flowers. These are pretty much the only way to get bomb arrows in TOTK. They have pretty much the same properties as bomb arrows, but they’re less expensive. All you literally need is a bow, arrow, bomb flower, and somewhere to shoot.
  • Mud Buddle. These weren’t put in BOTW, but they’re super useful. Shoot it at an enemy, and they’ll turn on the others! This is useful for helping knock out a boss bobolkin by making it fight it’s minions, or watching a exciting brawl between a hinox and boss bobolkin.
  • Puffshroom. These are quite useful, as demonstrated in one of the pre-release videos. You can fuse it to a weapon or shield, or fuse it to an arrow, which is very effective. It blinds enemies, and they’ll be temporarily paralyzed since they can’t see. This is useful for escaping or infiltrating hideouts.
  • Keese/Aerocuda parts. The two parts that you can obtain them are eyeballs, and wings. Both are useful, in elixirs and fusing. Attaching a wing to an arrow will make it fly straighter and knock the enemy back a bit. Attaching a eyeball and shooting it in the general direction of an enemy, and it’ll HOME IN on the target! Plus, I don’t really use elixirs that much, and there are tons of other things that you can use for them!
  • Dazzlefruit. Although you may have almost zero use for them, there is one GREAT use for them! They are basically the best properties of a Mud Buddle and a Puffshroom combined. It makes a bright burst of light, and confuses enemies! Although it isn’t the same as the fog, it is still very useful.
  • Courser Bee Honer. This is very useful for attacking enemies, even when you’re NOT ATTACKING THEM! If you attach it to a shield, it will send bees at whoever struck it. If you attach it to a weapon, it’ll send bees at whoever you struck it at! Hence, attacking without attacking!

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