A full Hateno Village Walkthrough – TOTK

Hateno village is a cute farming village in located in between the Lanyaru (Zora) and the Faron (Jungle) regions, and this guide to all the quests in the village can prove useful when passing time without using campfires, or just when you’re bored or stuck.

A new champion’s tunic

If you’ve played reached a certain point in BOTW, then you’ll probably head to Link’s House first. Although now it’s more Zelda’s house, there are still useful things here. If you hop down in the well right next to the house, then you’ll find a cute study. There’s a chest with a Well-worn Hair Band, which has only 2 defence and no effects. However, you’ll find her diary or notes, with info about a new Champion’s Tunic. It says that it’s in the throne room of hyrule castle, and the key is the braizers. Since the castle is floating, (duh.) you’ll need certain ways of getting there. Light the two braizers on fire in the throne room (shown as sanctum,) and a statue will move, making way to let you get the Champion’s Leathers, an improved version of the Champion’s tunic.

Photographing a chuhcu

This side quest is available after completing The Mayoral Election side quest and is very useful for getting new paragliders! Once The Mayoral Election is complete, go to Koichi Dye Shop, and talk to the man inside. He’ll tell you that he can make a fabric of a chuchu, but needs a good image of one. You can easily find chuchus in the woods down the path out of Hateno village, or in tons of open places, and they’re a very common enemy. Bring a photo of one back to him, and he’ll reward you with a chuchu fabric. He’ll offer the same services for other things such as very certain things from elk to gleeoks. Of course, the reason he’d give you fabrics for free is because the only use for them is to use his service of redoing your paraglider with a fabric. Some encounters with chests and other things can give you fabrics like the Yiga fabric, Sheikah fabric, and more!

Hateno Ancient Tech Lab

After helping Robbie with Camera work in the Depths, among other things, he’ll return to the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab where he can make the Purah Pad perfect. He offers three things: 3 Travel Medallions, Sensor and Sensor+, and Hero’s Path. The first travel medallion is available at Robbie’s old home, the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. There you can get the Travel Medallion Prototype, the Yiga Armor, and thanks from a tailor. A Yiga Footsolider and Blademaster have taken over, so you’ll need to fight them to get in. Bring it to Robbie to get the first Travel Medallion. Activate 10 skyview towers for the second, and all 15 for the third. Easily get the Sensor by testing it out for him, and log 5 monster types in the compodium for Sensor+. Finally, the Hero’s Path. Fully complete 15 shrines to get the Hero’s path, and note that there is a shrine under path to the research lab, and one next to the actual Village.

Teach Me a Lesson

Princess Zelda helped in the making of a school in Hateno village, but the teacher needs help on his lessons. Teach me a Lesson I involves taking a photo of the calamity to show the kids, who don’t believe the teacher. Lucky for you, Kakariko village has just what you need! Go to the biggest house with water around it (the chief’s house,) and go to the second floor. On your left you’ll see a board with images representing the calamity. Bring a photo of it to the school when it’s in session from about 9:00 on to finish the first part. Part two involves when the teacher want’s to prove the students wrong about using monster essence. The shop in Tarrey Town has monster essence, that you can buy. Simply gather the other ingredients for curry and give it to the teacher for usage of the fields.

Uma’s Garden

This is a fairly simple quest that you can do after Teach Me a Lesson II. Uma is the person that tends to the school’s fields, and she wants to plant something. You can choose any type of pumpkin, carrot, berry, and more for her to plant. However, you’ll need to pass time in the game without using a bed or a campfire for the plants to eventually grow. Once you harvest them, it’ll take less time for the plants to grow.

The Mayoral Election

The Mayoral Election is a big side quest that involves completing other side quests, in order to determine who should be the mayor of Hateno village after the previous mayor and fashion LOVER Cece get in a fight. Below are some of the side quests that you’ll need to complete in order to complete this big quest.

Reede’s Secret

Both Cece and Reede have a secret, and both aren’t TOO bad. You can talk to his wife to start the quest, who is curious about what Reede does in the shed at midday. What you need to do is hop in one of the wells around the village, and you’ll be able to ascend right up to the shed, which is always locked from the outside. I actually finished reading when Reede came in, and I think that I scared him a bit. Report back to his wife to tell her the news. SPOILER ALERT: Reede’s secret is actually the fact that he wants to find a new type of pumpkin or something that will change everyone’s mind about Cece being better.

Cece’s Secret

Cece’s helper has been worried about what Cece’s been up to during the night. Simply just skip the time to night, and you’ll see Cece come out of the store and into the silo or whatever across the street. She locks the door when she goes in, and you can’t find out her secret when she’s not in the room, so you’ll need to get smart. There’s a set of stairs around the back, and it goes to the higher section of the silo. There’s a hole in the floor, so you can see what Cece (See Cece!) is really doing. Report back to the helper to report the news. SPOILER ALERT: Cece’s secret is that she actually really likes Hateno’s produce, and she doesn’t want anyone to know that she eats them.

A new signature food

This is Reede’s way of trying to win supporters for the election: finding a new signature food for Hateno village. First talk to him at his house, and he’ll recall that his grandpa collaborated with a cook that especially liked making cheese, and he wishes he could remember who. Next, go to Koyin at the field near the top of the hill, and she’ll kick off the A letter to Koyin quest. A letter to her is floating in the water of the lake next to the field, but she can’t get it. You’ll have to find a way to extend the dock or make a raft to get the letter in Ultrahand’s reach. Place it somewhere near Koyin and she’ll read the letter, and realize it’s a recipie. Go in the house to see that she made a big shop of it, and she’ll give you a free sample. Don’t eat the free sample, though, because it’s for Reede! Find him in his house and he’ll recognize the scent of the cheese. Give it to him and he’ll give you 100 rupees to end the quest.

Team Cece or Team Reede?

This might sound like the name of the bigger quest, but it’s just Cece’s way of winning voters. Talk to Cece and she’ll tell you to deliver the 8 mushrooms that she’ll give you to the 8 Reede supporters in town. Here are locations of the Reede supporters. Tokk: you can find him going on walks (he’s very active) from two locations: Outside of the Hateno tech lab and the cooking pot next to the pasture. Koyin: She’ll be on the dock next to the pasture until you complete the A letter to Koyin quest, after which you can find her in her home right next to the pasture. Dantz: A very simple man, staying outside his home right next to the pasture all day long. Worten: Also a simple man, staying on the balcony inn or at the front desk of the inn. Uma is a hardworking person, tending to the fields outside the school all day long and walking back to her home dead east of the Zanmik shrine at night. Medda can be found tending to the fields with Hylian Tomatoes all day long and then going back to his home next to the south well at night. Leop: He’s next to the bulletin board at the center of the village all day long, then goes to the inn for some rest after doing absolutely nothing. Tamana is very thorough with her routine tending to her cuccos, sweeping a broom at the entrance to the village, and not sleeping one bit during the process! Once you’ve given the mushrooms to the people, then you can report back to Cece.

End of Mayoral Election

Head back to Sophie, and after a long and very dramatic cutscene, Cece drops out of the election. As a reward, Cece will give you the Cece hat, which mainly makes Cece give you a “no less than 100 points” for her fashion check. You can also buy Hateno Cheese as an ingredient, which is very good for cooking.

That should be all the quests in Hateno village for TOTK, and tell me if there are more!

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