All Specials in Splatoon 3

Today, we’re going over all the specials in Splatoon 3. You can also check out other posts on All Main Weapon Types, All Subs, and more!

  • Big Bubbler. This weapon is mostly found in the earlier weapons, yet it’s still useful. You could use it in the middle of the stage, or a annoying part in the enemy’s side. It stops ink from coming in for some time, and the only way to destroy it is to ink the part at the top, or go inside and ink the main device. Although stationery, it is a great way to push the enemy lines back.
  • Booyah Bomb. This is basically a modified bomb, that counts as a special. When used, you’ll rise into the air, gathering “booyahs” from your teammates. Once ready, you can throw it and cause, basically, a massive ink hurricane in a dome. As a reward for your teammates for “booyahing,” they’ll get some of their special gauge filled! This is great for having four teammates with booyah bomb specials, since the bomb covers lots of ink.
  • Crab Tank. A story mode level is dedicated to using this. If you press and hold ZR, you’ll fire rapid-rate shots. Or, if you press R, you’ll fire more damaging shots that will explode. You can jump with B, and ZL turns you into a Crab ball that shields you from ink for some time. You can also move in this Crab Tank, which makes it a great special for your team to have.
  • Ink Storm. Although one of the weaker specials (in my opinion,) it is still quite good. When activated, you’ll get a bomb. Throw that bomb in the direction that you want it to rain, and it will. It can kill enemies, but is best at inking turf.
  • Ink Vac. This is especially useful when you’re facing a splatling, since you can vacuum up ink, and then fire it all back in one, exploding shot.
  • Inkjet. Have you ever wanted to fly around, practically invincible in Splatoon? The Inkjet can solve all your problems. When used, you will rise up into the air, and you can fire exploding shots while being able to move, go higher, and go lower. When the special is up, then you’ll launch back to where you started, so look for a high yet invulnerable spot.
  • Killer Wail 5.1. This is a sub that has a targeting system related to that of the Tenta Missiles. You can select the targets, and let the six ultrasonic weapon-thingies do their work. They will divide up for all of the targets, and do their work. They’re hard to evade, and they can kill you quite fast. Unlike the Tenta Missiles, they don’t ink but are great at doing their work. (Most of the time.)
  • Kraken Royale. Turn into a giant squid or octopus and push forward. With a melee and charged attack, the ability to swim up walls, on any turf and ink behind you. At the end though, you’ll transform back into a Inkling or Octoling, right where the Kraken was.
  • Reefslider. I’m pretty sure that this would be Shiver’s favorite special. You’d know if you’ve done a certain part in the story mode. Hop aboard your trusty inflatable shark, and explode at the destination. Although a short special, still a powerful one. In the close range of the explosion, it can give an instant kill swiftly.
  • Splashdown. This is a very useful weapon for close range. It’s basically exploding a reefslider in place, but slower. Jump up into the air, and then pow back to the ground and ink in a dome all around you.
  • Super Chump. This is great at inking turf, as it sends a ton of bombs in a certain area. Although the bombs are removable, I don’t think that that’s the worst part of it. Why paint faces, and give caps to all the balloons if all they’ll do is explode. That’s just mean.
  • Tacticooler. This is mainly an assisting weapon. It’s best if you have four players on your team, (as opposed to tricolor battles with a 4 v 2 v 2.) since it provides energy drinks for four people. It boosts your speed and attack power. However, it will go away eventually, even if some people didn’t get one.
  • Tenta Missiles. This is a personal favorite for me, since I love the fact that you track your opponents, lock onto your opponents, then send flying bursts of auto-targeting ink balls, with just one button. (Two, if you count the R joystick to start it, but you understand. I hope.) You can target about 5 or 6 targets, but there’s usually mostly just the need for 4. You’ll fire about ten every time, so it is quite good. The missiles also ink, so you can ink turf that you might not be able to ink.
  • Triple Instrike. Throw three twisters of ink. No. Literally. The ink shows that it twisted. It can instantly kill if you aim right, which makes it good because you throw three.
  • Trizooka. Grab your cannon, and fire three big, spiraling shots consisting of three mini shots. It can easily kill at first shot, and you fire three, too!
  • Ultra Stamp. This is basically a giant hammer that can kill in one wham, kill in one throw, and ink the whole way. You can hold down ZR to continually wham and use the L joystick to steer. Although it’s hard to get ink in from the front at someone using it, the back is the weak point.
  • Wave Breaker. This is quite a good weapon, although it is removable by inking it enough. However, that will be hard to do seeing as it throws out waves that deal a LOT of damage, and often. You’ll want to place it near the middle of the stage, since it can affect a ton of people with it. (By the way, it doesn’t affect people on your team.)
  • Zipcaster. Many story mode stages are dedicated to this special. You can stretch your arm very far, and even get onto your enemy teams hard-to-access area and ink there. Once the special is done, then you’ll launch back to where you started, which shows how good this is, since people won’t have much of an opportunity to splat you if you jump far away shortly after!

If you enjoyed this post, please comment! My favorite three specials are currently the Booyah Bomb, Crab Tank, and the Tenta Missiles. Feel free to comment about your top three!


  1. Great post! I find splashdown and crab tank are both kinda hard to get the hang of, but agree with you the tenta missiles are a favorite!
    The real question is… power, wisdom or courage?

    1. Personally, I’d say wisdom. If you have wisdom, you’d know that there’s nothing (or something) to be scared of, and you’ll know how to counter. You’ll also know how to beat someone with just strength. Congrats to power, though!

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