All Subs in Splatoon 3

Today, we’re reviewing all of the subs in Splatoon 3. Although there is only one new one, the Angle Shooter, that doesn’t mean it’s pointless to go over them!

  • Splat Bomb. This is the most basic bomb, where after thrown, it will wait, then explode.
  • Curling Bomb. You can throw it without holding, and it will paint the area behind it, then explode. If you hold, you will be adjusting how long it will go. An Alterna level is dedicated to mastering curling bombs.
  • Autobomb. Once thrown, it will home to the closest enemy in it’s range, stop for a few seconds, and then explode. If there is no enemy in it’s range, it will wait for a few seconds after landing, and then explode.
  • Torpedo. This is similar to the Autobomb. It will home to the nearest enemy via flight, unlike the Autobomb. Instead of waiting for a few seconds once near the target, though, it will explode on contact.
  • Suction Bomb. This is a very useful bomb. It can suck onto most surfaces and will eventually explode. However, it won’t stick to your enemies. (It would be too good if it could.) One thing you could do it throw it onto the bottom of a grate-platform that’s often walked upon.
  • Burst Bomb. This is like the splat bomb, except it usually takes up less ink, and it explodes on contact. These look like waterballoons, and are useful like one, too! Burst bombs would be useful to have with a low-fire rate weapon, like splatlings or the .96 gal.
  • Fizzy Bomb. Like with a bottle of soda, you shake it up, and throw. It will bounce three times, in the direction that you threw it in. These are useful to ink up some of the enemy home base, since it’s hard to get up there without using a Zipcaster.
  • Ink Mine. You can place it in the ink, and only your teammates can see it. If a player of enemy ink steps on or near it, then it deals some damage to them, and it marks their location to all players on your team for some time. This is useful for commonly used paths, and you can place two at a time, too!
  • Toxic Mist. This is a enemy-subduing useful weapon. If a enemy goes in it, it not only lowers their speed, but they’ll also lose ink. This is useful for cornering enemies, or a medium-sized path.
  • Point Sensor. What this basically does is if an enemy goes in it, it marks them for some time. This is useful for tracking down enemies, because it’ll only go away if they’ve had it for a while, of if they respawned.
  • Squid Beacon. This is a useful sub, even if it does zero damage, and doesn’t ink. If you know how to do a Squid Jump. To do so, press X while respawning, and choose a location. You can choose a teammate, or a Squid Beacon to jump to. However, if you jump to a teammate, the enemy team can see exactly where you will land.
  • Splash Wall. This is a small wall that inks right underneath it, and it stops enemy ink from coming through. You need to hit the center in order to remove it. This is useful for charging a Splatling or Splat Charger.
  • Sprinkler. This is what it’s name implies. A sprinkler. It inks in a short range, and can even kill. (But that’s very unlikely.) This is useful for putting above a enemy-inked area, since it can thoroughly ink when given time.
  • Angle Shooter. This is the only sub that bounces off of walls. You can angle it to hit an enemy hiding behind a wall, or a Splash Wall, as a matter of fact.

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