Big Debate: Autobomb or Torpedo in Splatoon 3?

This page might help you determine which one of these homing subs you think to be superior to the other: Autobomb or Torpedo? Both are homing subs that will explode and possibly kill, but which one IS superior?

Means of Homing

One important factor is HOW does it get to it’s target? While the Autobomb simply walks, (it’s quite funny,) the Torpedo flies. The Autobomb will walk for about 5 seconds to the closest target in it’s range, while the Torpedo will fly with a smaller range but go a bit faster. I’d say that Torpedo is better in this category.

Will it get there?

One VERY important thing is if there even was a point in using up so much ink? The Torpedo can be shot down mid-air, and the Autobomb can’t really be stopped but it’s still slower. The winner here is the Autobomb.

Means of exploding

Adding on to if there’s even a point in using it, will it even get to exploding? The Autobomb will chase you for a bit, but then it’ll take a few seconds where it is to explode. However, the Torpedo will go straight to the enemy and explode on contact, but you not only see exactly where it’s going and dodge it, but you can also just shoot it down in the first place. The winner here is definitely the Autobomb


This isn’t really important so it won’t be added up, but if you’re gonna be awesome at this, why not look cool while doing it? See the images above, and you’ll probably already know the answer. Although it’s a bit cool that the Torpedo is kinda like a fish mold, the Autobomb is easily the winner with the no-expression look, but the cute little feet and fan or whatever on it’s back.

Final things

Some things that you should probably know that they both tied for that I didn’t include is how much damage it does, (they both can kill on a direct hit,) among others. (Not really many others at all.) If you total it up, then the Autobomb is the winner! You can comment on which is your favorite, mine is the Autobomb. (I wasn’t buyust or anything, the things I said are pretty true.)

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