Big Debate: Splatana Wiper or Stamper in Splatoon 3?

Two very popular weapons in Splatoon 3 are the Splatana Wiper and Stamper. Both are now 2 of the 3 of the Splatana main weapons, thanks to the Sizzle Season. (The other is the Splatana Wiper Deco.)


The Splatana Wiper is known pretty well for its speed, which is one reason why it can get tons of kills when wielded effectively. The Splatana Stamper is also kind of good in speed compared to chargers like the E-Liter 4k, but not really that good at all in this category. The winner is definitely the Wiper.


The Splatana Stamper is VERY powerful with a 55 damage regular slash, and a 210 damage charged slash. The Splatana Wiper is less powerful, though. (Like, 30 damage.) Winner is: the Splatana Stamper


We all know that both Splatanas are kinda famous for their very good range, (compared to things like the Splattershotbut,) but if you compare them, the Stamper wins by a little.


(This won’t count, but it’s cool to feature it anyway.) Both Wiper and Stamper are good in this category, with the Stamper’s chainsaw-design and unknown symbols, and the Wiper’s small but strong design, the winner here is the Stamper.


(This also won’t count, but why not?) I’ve seen both Stamper and Wiper used in the battlefield, but I’ve got to admit seeing the Wiper used more.


With the final things totaled up, I’d say that it’s very hard to decide. I think that the Wiper is a stronger threat than the Stamper, mainly because of it’s WAY better speed than the Stamper, and only minorly worse things in other categories, so I’d deem the Wiper the winner. What about you, though? Which is better? The Splatana Stamper or Splatana Wiper?

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