Rayyan’s TOTK Rumor Mill IX: Mythical Armor

This is the 9th post in my rumor mill series, based off of BOTW Traysi’s Rumor Mill. This post is on rumored armor with enchanted effects!

Majora’s Mask

Coming back from BOTW’s DLC, this mask offers no effects like Gloom Resistance or stuff like that, but instead offers an INSANELY powerful effect that, when equipped, will confuse enemies including: Bobolkins, Lizalfoses, Moblins, Horroblins, and even Lynels. This mask is rumored to make the mentioned monsters inspect you, and maybe make them think you as one of their own!

Ravio’s Hood

Once again being found in BOTW’s DLC, it also has no known effects such as Heat Resistance, or Cold Resistance. However, when worn it’s rumored to increase the wearer’s climbing speed when going side-to-side. No one knows why this is.

Midna’s Helmet

Like the other two, it’s found in BOTW’s DLC, but UNLIKE the other two, it’s different than it was in BOTW and it has a regular effect which is Gloom Resistance. In BOTW, it offered Guardian Resistance Up, but it’s changed since, as you probably know, there are no more active guardians in TOTK.

All of these mythical helms are found in depths colosseums, and I may release a post for how to get all of them!

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