Rayyan’s TOTK Rumor Mill VI: Legendary Beasts

This is the 6th post of my Rumor Mill set, based off of BOTW Traysi’s Rumor Mill. It’s part 2 of the Legendary and Mythical Beasts, (check my rumor mill V for part 1,) so let’s dive in!


These are more menacing dragons. They have three one-eyed heads, each able to fire a VERY high damage laser beam. You can tell what element it is by the color and sort of crown. Beware of a Gleeok that has a head with all three elements! That’s a King Gleeok, the hardest to beat of its kind. They drop rare parts, but provide a death sentence in exchange. What do you think? I think no more than .

Great Fairy

The Great Faries used to give blessings to travelers, but have retreated into their buds since the upheaval. Only one person for each fairy knows how to awaken them, but haven’t known that. The Great Faries are scattered throughout Hyrule, and recently even moved their buds! The closed buds are recognizable by the pinkish smoke coming out. Rayyan’s Recommendation:


Since the Upheaval all of the monsters throughout Hyrule have been strengthened. Some monsters have even come into existence or from way back in time, like the Boss Bobolkin and the Aerodactyl. Now a lot of monsters are recognizable by their horns, like bokos, boss bokos, lizalfoses, and more! Now it is less advisable to go out and fight a whole hideout, which is exactly what the Monster Control crew does. Sure, they’re brave and confident, but I’ve seen them defeated or retreat too many times now. Rayyan’s Recommendation: ⭐⭐


This frog-like monster is known to only dwell in caves, and may be a relative to the blupee and satori. Although the satori has never been seen, it’s rumored to have similar features to a blupee and bubbulfrog. Bubbul frogs can easily be found in pretty much every cave there is, and can be killed with one arrow. They drop a bubbul gem (use not known,) and a blupee which will run away right when it appears. Sure, you could use it to brag about saying, like, “Oh I killed a bubbulfrog. Just how good at killing monsters am I,” but it isn’t too rewarding. (Say it like your bragging, if you say it out loud.) That’s why Rayyan’s Recommendation is: ⭐⭐

That’s pretty much all! There will probably be more Rumor Mills in the future, so stay tuned!

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