Rayyan’s TOTK Rumor Mill VIII – Good things to do early

This is post 8 of my own version of the Rumor Mill from BOTW by Traysi, this one being on things that you should do early in the game.

Find and Beat Flux Constructs

The Flux Construct comes in 3 versions: I, II, and III. You only need two abilities to make the boss way easier: Ultrahand for Cube and Robot, and Rewind for the UFO form. The best possible thing to have here is a one-handed, strong weapon that has pretty good durability. The flux construct not only drops a core that you can fuse but also Zonai Devices. The cores will correspond to the type you beat, so a 10-ish fuse attack power core for I, and so on. If you fuse a core to, say any broadsword, it will make a Flux Core Pummeler or something like that

Find Addison

If you’ve ever met Addison, you’ll know how useful he is. I estimate he has 20-50 locations throughout all of Hyrule, which means that you can get a total of 400-1,000 rupees total from him. If you haven’t already solved the puzzle, then you’ll see him hugging a sign trying to keep it up. Solve the puzzle using Ultrahand, and get 20 rupees, a meal that’s useful for the weather nearby, and a material or a Sleepover ticket.

Sell things

One way to make money easily is to sell stuff. Meat skewers can sell for quite a high price, but there are more ways. You can make a meal with rare ingredients to make it sell for quite a bit, but note that if it’s Dubious Food you will have probably gotten a better deal by selling the materials for it. Dragon parts and star fragments also fetch a high price, which are easy to find while skydiving. However, you can make TONS of money by selling clothes. Some sets can fetch up to 1,800 rupees! If you ever want them back, Cece is one person to count on.

That’s all for this issue! Comment if you have any questions!

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