Rayyan’s TOTK Rumor Mill X: Mythical Sets

This post, 10th in the series based off of the Rumor Mill in BOTW, is on Mythical armor sets.

Awakening Set

This set based off of Link’s costume in Link’s Awakening, offers no special effects but does offer a fun cartoony, look. Great at cheering someone up!

Mythic Set

This odd set will, when you get all the pieces, will offer one of the strangest effects in the game: it’ll make you lose rupees instead of damage when you’re hit! This set can be obtained from a monster looking man, and it’s rumored that he’ll trade the pieces for something called Bubbul Gems

Ember, Frost, and Lightning

This is three sets that offer a corresponding effect to their name: They’ll increase your attack power. For example, it’s rumored that your attack power will be greatly increased when you wear the Ember set in Eldin or somewhere fiery hot, Frost for somewhere freezing, and Lightning for somewhere with lightning.

That’s all for this post! By the way, which do you think would be most useful? Ember, Frost, or Lightning set? I think Lightning, but what’s your opinion?

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