Rayyan’s TOTK Rumor Volume III: Side Quests

This version of Traysi’s Rumor Mill in BOTW has inspired me to make my own on TOTK, this one being on highly recommended side quests, where to find them, info, and rewards.

“Potential Princess Sightings!”

This quest is given to you by Traysi at the Lucky Clover Gazette, where Serenne Stable used to be. It’ll send you to almost all of the stables in Hyrule, and you’ll be largely rewarded upon completing. Traysi can also give you broad locations of where the stables are located, such as saying something like they’re south-east of the coloseum. For each quest you’ll be rewarded with a guaranteed 100 rupees, and you’ll sometimes be given bonuses of 10 or 50 rupees, but 300 for the last quest! You’ll also be given the froggy armor, piece by piece, that gives slip resistance. You can also get other rewards, like a place to stop by for great weapons, Princess Zelda’s horse, and more! Rayyan’s Reccomendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hateno Village Tech Lab Quests

There are three total quests available here, all of which are given to you by Robbie. Do some other quests for him such as Camera Work in the Depths, and more, and he’ll go back to Hateno Village. Here he’ll give you the quests for getting THREE travel medallions, Sensor and Sensor+, and Hero’s Path. Originally you could buy THE travel medallion and Hero’s path in BOTW along with the rest of the DLC, but TOTK is different. You’ll need to get rid of the Yiga in the Akkala tech lab and all 15 skyview towers for the travel medallions. You can get the sensor by simply getting him to the Hateno tech lab, and fill the compodium with 5 types of monster to get the sensor+. Get the Hero’s Path by completing 15 shrines, and you’re set! Rayyan’s Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Mattison’s Independence”

This is a pretty easy side quest given to you by Hudson and his wife. Their daughter, Mattison, is leaving for Gerudo Town, and you need to help them prepare for the move. Some sections include helping Mattison onto a rail without someone seeing, and getting her away, and getting 10 sundelions to dye a balloon yellow. Once complete, then you can talk with Rhondson and she’ll tell you that they’re selling a plot of land, and she’ll give you a 1/2 discount making it 1,500 rupees. However, you can customize your land in any way you want with the rooms provided, which is a big improvement on BOTW’s version of Link’s House. It also has a great view of Tarrey Town, and a shrine nearby. Rayyan’s Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Infiltrating the Yiga Clan”

This is a quite challenging but rewarding side quest, that involves getting the Thunder Helm copy, Earthquake Technique, and easy access to the Yiga Clan hideout. There are four Yiga hideouts on the surface, and they each provide a useful part of the quest. There is the Akkala Ancient tech lab, which has the chest piece, a cave near the forgotten temple, with the pants (I think,) and a hideout on the Great Plateau, with the headpiece (I think.) This quest can give you access to the Yiga training location, where you can get the Thunder Helm copy, Earthquake technique, and a fabric. You can also get the Yiga shops with Yiga weapons, bananas, and Yiga assembled zonai devices like the Gloomdredger. Rayyan’s Recommendation: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There’ll probably be more issues of this, so please check them out! You can also share some quests that you think are, “Deemed Worthy.”

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