Roblox Criminal Tycoon – Robbery Guide

Criminal Tycoon is a fun game in Roblox where you try to rob different places, which will increase your bounty, bounty hunt other players, collect special guns, cars, and items, and expand your tycoon, so it isn’t your average, kind of boring tycoon. This guide will tell you all about all the places you can rob, difficulty, what you should have, and how to do it easily. Of course, all of this is in my opinion, so you can agree or disagree with anything. They’ll be done in order of how much money you can get/difficulty in my opinion.

The gas stations

The gas stations are the easiest places to rob but are also the least rewarding. There are two, one of which gives you about 6000 of the in-game currency, and the other gives you about 7,400, should you get all the money obtainable. I’d recommend the Gas Station Suburb, since it’s more rewarding, even if it isn’t as isolated as the Gas Station. To rob it, you can just pull up outside, go inside, and pull out a gun. You need to hold the key or prompt for about 3-ish seconds to open the cash registers. Money will go flying a bit, so make sure you get all of them. There should be 2 cash registers in each one, and one guard spawn near the edge of the gas pump area. I’d recommend just pulling up, going to the cash register, pulling out a gun, and then getting all of the money so you have a good chance to get away before a guard spawns.

The supermarket

The supermarket is the second easiest place to rob, but I prefer going there compared to the Gas Stations. The main difference is that there are more customers, each one has a small chance to have a gun on them, and there are more cash registers so you can rob more. I’d recommend that you go to the registers, pull out a gun, and do two or three before checking outside. You can see the guard spawn, since it’s right next to a window, so be ready.

The Jewelry Store

The jewelry store is quite an interesting place to rob, since instead of stealing money and then going back the way you came, you’re forced to use a probably different route than the one you used to get in. It gives you a good bit of money, and instead of needing gun skills for this, you’ll probably only need the skills to take the jewelry, shoot the cases, and jump over most of the lasers. Before you try it, make sure you know how to use your parachute, which you’ll need. Should you get in, you’ll notice that there’s cases of jewelry with glass protectors, which you’ll need to break using your gun before you can steal it. I’d recommend going up to the second floor, since that’s where you should find an electrical box that you can shoot. If you break it, it’ll deactivate the lasers around the jewelry right next to you. Once you take a gun out, lasers secure the front door, which makes it so no players can use that route, but guards can go through the lasers. I’d recommend going in the front door, going up to the second floor and taking out the electric box, taking the jewelry right next to it, then going all the way up to the top of the building where you can escape and parachute down. As long as you keep moving at a good pace, the guards can’t catch up.

The Bank

The bank is, from my experience, one of the most robbed places since there are a lot of people who like to team up with others if they’re at rebirth 0-2, which is a nice place to rob since it gives you a generous amount of money, but also isn’t that hard at all. The main elements to it are the button you’ll need to press to open the door to downstairs, the lasers you’ll need to dodge, and the keypad. The button/lever is seen in a lot of robberies, including the Oil Rig, the Dock, and the bank. The keypad is fairly simple, since it shows you the correct combination at the top of the screen, what numbers you’ve typed in under it, and a keypad. Simply put in the right numbers in the space of about 7-ish seconds, and the vault will open. Simply hold the prompt to collect a cash stack and then come back. If you do it at a good pace, you’ll probably only worry about 1-2 guards.

The lab

The lab is, in my opinion, quite simple yet hard with all the guards, seeing as there are about 5-6 guard spawn points, all of which are well placed. Simply break in, get to the main room, and you need to hold the prompt above the green tube-things. I’d recommend trying to ignore all the guards save for the ones at the door, if possible.

The dock

The dock is a pretty good addition to the game, since a good bit of people are able to do things like the bank or the jewelry store easily but can’t even get near the oil rig or military base. If that’s you, I’d recommend trying the dock. At the entrance, there’s a big black and grey building, which should be your first stop should you want to rob it. It’s guarded by two guards on the outside, one on a stack of containers a bit far to the right, and one near the door to the left of the 3 big entrances (one of which is closed). Inside there will be about 5 guards, 2 playing up high, and 3 playing up close. I’d recommend you skip the 2 up high and take out the 3 going up close if necessary. There will be a flight of stairs near the corner, and up them will be an office. Inside the office is a desk, a lever behind it, and a guard to the left. Take out the guard so you can flip the lever, which will randomly pick a crane to lower. Go outside the building and try to find the crane being lowered. There are red siren things but without noise, and one of them should be flashing green, which will be the one. Once the cargo is lowered, then you can go inside it from a door on the left of it opening about 3 seconds after it hits the ground. Take the money, and run away!

The military base

The military base is a robbery that needs either strategy or pure skill. I’d recommend that you run into the main building, ignoring as many of the guards and snipers as possible. The only ones you need to take out are the two right outside the door. Since the guards go in your direction, I’d recommend going for the cash stacks on the right since that’ll render two guards useless in stopping you (for the moment). Then just run away with your money!

The oil rig

In my opinion, this is the hardest place to rob in the game. The sheer number of guards on the outer layer can get overwhelming, but once you get inside, it isn’t too hard. At the front and main floor of the rig, there are three doors. In order to open the main door, you first have to pull the two levers in the two rooms on either side of it. Once they’re both pulled, then the door can open. Inside, there’s a lot of stairs, and while you’re going up, you’ll encounter a few groups of two guards at a time. At the top of the stairway, there’s a guard or two, and a keypad, exactly like the one in the bank. That will open the door next to you, which has two guards. In there, you’ll also find these oil tanks, which auto fill if you’re in the right spot. If you saw the door earlier, then you’ll know that the door leading out links to the roof and is visible from land and the helipad. Just run away and you’re done!

Recommended weapons

Now, for what items I’d recommend. First, I’ll be talking about stuff if you don’t own any weapon/vehicle game passes. I’d recommend that if you haven’t rebirthed, then try mainly going for the gas stations and the supermarket. If you’re on the first rebirth, then I’d recommend maybe gas station, supermarket, and maybe the bank and jewelry store. On your second rebirth, I’d recommend the supermarket, jewelry store, bank, and maybe the lab. That’s also about the time when most people start successfully bounty hunting. On your third and fourth rebirths, you can basically try anything, although it takes great skills to be able to beat the oil rig or something like that that may come out in a future update without game passes. Although some of the game passes aren’t as good as the others, some are still good. Like for example, I find that the SWAT game pass is better than the Invictus game pass in some ways because it has a good car for you and someone else to use, but mainly the shield, which blocks the majority of bullets until it temporarily breaks, in which case just go back to your base to retrieve it. Although if you have the Invictus and the SWAT it’s really easy to do the dock and military base. If you get one of the game pass guns, it’ll make stuff a bit easier, but not too much. If you get the Invictus, it makes things like the military base and bounty hunting a lot easier, as well as travel with its max speed of 200 and about 1500 hp. If you have the SWAT, that makes PVP, shooting guards, and team robberies a good bit easier. If you have one of the special things like the VIP or the Agent or something like that, I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone late in the game, but the stuff is really good for someone early in the game. If you have a ton of robux you’re willing to spend, then spend it on SWAT or Invictus is what I would recommend, since the only other really expensive pass is the GURKHA, which is cool and pretty good, but I’d say that the Riot Shield is better.

Thanks for reading!


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