Splatoon 3: A Main Weapons guide

In Splatoon 3, there are 10 main weapons, including two new additions. Today, we’re reviewing them all.

1.): The Splat Gun. This weapon can go from the simple Splattershot to the famed Aerospray RG. Out of 3, they usually have 2 for damage, 2 for range, and 2 for fire rate. This weapon is good for killing off the lone enemies, one by one, to just storming the base.

2.): The Splat Dualies. These can go from the basic Splat Dualies to the famed Glooga Dualies, they are quite OP. They are the only weapon that can perform a Dodge Roll. To execute, hold down the shooting button (ZR), tilt the L joystick in any direction, and press B. However, there is a moving penalty so you can’t move for a second or two, although you can still shoot. I’d give it a 1/2 for damage, 2-3/3 for rate, and 2/3 for range. This is for whoever likes to be fast, yet confusing.

3.): The Roller. From the Splat Roller to the Dynamo Roller, lots of people in the crowd enjoy this multi-use weapon. If you press ZR (and not hold) then you can do a horizontal swing, which is kinda low on range but very wide. If you jump with B and press ZR midair, then you can do a vertical swing that’s big on range but low on speed and width. But if you hold ZR and run, then you can do what I call a splat run. You can run while inking, and fast while usually being able to kill all in your way. This weapon is great at multitasking, including dominating, with a 2/3 for range, 2 or 3/3 for power, and 2 for rate.

4.) The Brush. This main weapon has the highest rate, and I find that it will fire as fast as you push the button. (Usually.) To have blistering speed is one thing, to be great with it is another. From the Splat Brush, to the Octobrush, they are all amazing. You can do splat runs with this, but they’re less wide and deal less damage. Nevertheless, these weapons are very impressive, with a sure 3/3 for speed, 1/3 for damage, and 1/3 for range. Often, the range difference is a bit of a benefit, with less of a need to aim.

5.) The Splatling. As Sheldon once said, they fire “rivers of ink”, which definitely says something. Although they need quite some time to charge, they’re still amazing. From the Splatling, to the famed Natilius 47, and Hydra Splatling, they all have their own way. For example, the Mini Splatling has a low charge time and fire time, it has high damage and is easy to use. The Ballpoint Splatling, is something else. With varying charge times yet high damage and fire time, with the right user, it has quite the potential. With a 1/3 on fire rate, 2/3 for range, and 3/3 for damage, this is a strong addition to the team.

6.) The Splat Charger. This weapon type has the biggest range, with the legendary E-Liter 4K topping the range list, they aren’t the hardest to use. However, the stage plays a big role in deciding whether to use a sniper or not. With a 3/3 for damage, 1/3 for fire rate, and 3/3 for range, you might’ve just realized you don’t have to die in close combat so many times.

7.) Brellas. From the simple splat brella to the undercover brella, this is one weapon where you don’t take many risks, but you’re in the action. If you hold ZR, then the brella serves as a temporary cover. But if you hold it even longer, then you’ll (usually) fire the brella itself, which leaves a ink trail that you can swim in, or use as a distraction to kill with a 2/3 damage, 2/3 fire rate, and 2/3 range.

8.) The Slosher. This is a bucket-based weapon. This weapon throws puddles of ink at a time. From the Slosher, to the Tri-Slosher deco, this is a good set of weapons. With a 2/3 for damage, 2/3 for range, and 1/3 for fire rate, this is a pretty balanced set.

9.) Stringers. These are new additions for Splatoon 3, however, they only have the Tri-Stringer and the Reef-Lux 450. They both have horizontal and vertical shots, and if you charge them, then you can deal (for the Reef-Lux,) times three or four damage! With 2 or 3/3 damage, 2/3 range, and 2 or 3/3 fire rate, this set is loaded!

10.) Splatanas. Just because they’re last, doesn’t mean that they’re not great! From the official Splatoon 3 website, “This new weapon class—including stuff like the Splatana Wiper—can be tricky to wield effectively but are spot-on for those who like to ink up close.” I say worded perfectly! There’s only the Splatana Wiper and Stamper, but both are great! With good range, different fire rates, and high damage, when wielded effectively they are great.

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  1. Hi Rayyan, thank you for your reviews on the main 10 weapons I loved this post, lots of great information here.
    I have a question for you – What your favourite weapon to use in Splatoon 3 ?

    1. I have lots of weapons that I like using, but especially like the Reef-Lux 450, Splatana Wiper deco, and more!

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