Splatoon 3: A Tour

Today we’re going to tour all of the main areas in Splatoon 3. The only area which isn’t covered is Sheldon’s weapons, which is to be continued in future posts. Let’s jump in!

  • The Splatlands. This is where you’ll start off the game. Here you’ll choose you and smallfry’s style. You’ll also get your first weapon, the Splattershot. You’ll go over the basics, but also new features like the Squid Surge. Then, you’ll get to Splatsville. The game will soon notice if you have made a lot of progress in Splatoon 2. Rewards will include early access to ranked battles, and three Golden Sheldon Licenses. These can be used at Ammo Knights, and will give you early access to the weapon of your choice.
  • Splatsville Square. This is where the dancing and a lot of the fun in splatfests can happen. Here you can do a recon in some of the new stages, and develop a strategy. Here you can also play the brand-new yet popular card game, Tableturf Battle. You can play online at the Shoal or Lobby, or play against some well-known people in Splatsville.The objective is to cover as much turf as you can in 10 turns. There are fresh cards, special attacks, and more in this new game.
  • Grizzco. This is where you can do a salmon run. With the new addition of King salmonoids, a few more boss salmonoids, mudmouths, glowflies, a cute shop, and more! With these, among other things, you’ll probably soon realize just how chaotic that salmon runs now are. You can also get loaned rare weapons that can only be used in salmon run, such as the grizzco slosher, stringer, and more!
  • The Shoal. They now have a small training area, and online tableturf battle, in addition to regular battles. Although they have little use to me, it’s still a option.
  • The Shops. These shops include: The Crab-n-go, the food and drink power-up shop. Naut Coture, Crush Station, and Man-O’-Wardrobe. Here you can get all your headgear, shoes, and shirts. But don’t forget Hotlandis! This is where you can level up your catalog, and get free gear while your at it! In the new game, there are titles, as one new addition. You can get up to three badges at once, a background, and a title, all with your name in the middle!
  • Atlantis. This is the story mode for Splatoon 3, which is great. You’ll have tons to do in this mode, from uncovering the mystery of fuzzy ooze, to beating the super-hard secret level, which is THE HARDEST LEVEL that I’ve ever played. You’ll go to a new world, and learn more about your close friends.
  • The Lobby. This is a BIG improvement from Splatoon 2’s lobby, where all you do is choose your mode, and if you found out, mix some beats. This lobby has a big training area, to use while you wait. There’s also the Copy Machine. It can shoot ink of the enemy color at you when you shoot, and it will throw a bomb if you do. This is a great way to practice, but it can’t die. There’s also the Crab-N-Go here, and Judd the cat will give you advice, too! On the second floor there is an online Tableturf Battle room, and under are the lockers. You can customize yours with clothes, weapons, items, stickers, you name it, it’s there! (Actually, there isn’t. There’s just lots of options.) Others can see your locker, and you can give them “an online fist bump.” There’s the battle kettle, which looks pretty modern, too! Big improvement over the last game.
  • The Train Station. This is only accessible if you’ve purchased the DLC. It unlocks Inkopolis from Splatoon 1, with some minor changes. During the Splatfests, you can see the Squid Sisters dancing for two of the three teams. The city has new shopkeepers, such as Shelly and Donny instead of Sheldon. You also get them as Tableturf opponents. part 2 of 2 of the DLC is what would’ve happened if Order beat Chaos in Splatoon 2’s final Splatfest. However, part 2 is scheduled to come out in December 2024. Finally, you’ll get 123,000 coins, and lots of drink tickets.

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