Splatoon 3: The New Weapons

Although there are many new weapons in Splatoon 3 such as the Hero Shot Replica, Luna Blaster, and more, today we’re focusing on others. We’re going to focus on the four main weapons in new categories, which includes the Splatana Wiper, Splatana Stamper, Tri-Stringer, and Reef-Lux 450.

Splatana Wiper

What’s better, being able to fire fast at long range, charge a shot that could kill immediately, or having almost twice the range of the Splattershot? Well, the Splatana Wiper has it all. It has almost the same fire rate as the Octobrush, and good range, too! A regular shot deals about 30 damage, but if you charge it, it deals way more. What’s also so great is that you unlock it at level 5! Although not the easiest to wield, once mastered, it’s capable of dominating that Turf War leaderboard more than once! (It can also dominate other leaderboards more than once, too.) With a Torpedo sub and a Ultra Stamp special, this one is for those who enjoy chucking a hammer at people. Many, many times.

Splatana Stamper

Although it doesn’t come with the Ultra Stamp, with this you’ll still stamp out enemy ink. It has a low fire rate, but high damage and range. The range is just a bit more than that of the Splatana Wiper. It has high damage, and if you charge it, it has more damage and range! With the light burst bombs to get those you can’t get with your superior range. If those fail, then you have the Zipcaster to aid you!


This set might be for you, if you enjoy charging your shot, shooting, just nearly killing someone, and then they die admiring what they though was luck. With this, you can jump with B and in midair, shoot with ZR, and do a vertical shot. Instead of shooting three horizontally, it will shoot vertically. Just presss ZR and it will do a regular shot. But if you hold, then you’ll do a charged shot, that will shoot ink arrows that will explode shortly after landing. With the Toxic Mist to weaken, and the Killer Wail 5.1 targeting in your name, you can join the hunt with this. It takes 200p to charge the Killer Wail, but it’s worth it.

Reef-Lux 450

I’ve found that it can be very useful to try new weapons in Turf War battles. While doing that, I discovered this. With a very high fire rate, it’s about as fast as an Octobrush. It has pretty good damage, and range. Unlike the Tri-Stringer, it doesn’t have the exploding arrows, which I guess were substituted for the speed. It contains the Curling Bomb, and the classic Tenta Missles.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to comment on things that I could improve on, or just if you have any questions.

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  1. Hi Rayyan, Thank you for all the tips on Splatoon 3 Weapons. I must say I haven’t tried out this game yet but I know my own grandson loves it. I look forward to “trying” it out with him sometime in the future.

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