The Divine Beast Vah Rudania Main Quest BOTW

One of my personal favorite regions, the Goron area is blazing hot, with chances to make money and LITERALLY! (Since it’s next to Death Mountain.) We’re going over how to beat this main quest in BOTW.

Getting There

It’s hard to even get to the location, since it’s boiling hot. It’s also quite far from the Great Plateau, so you should consider bringing a horse. Don’t worry, there is a stable at the bottom of the mountain that is quite useful! The key is to cook a TON of fire elixirs. You will need lots of rupees to purchase the fire resistance set, so you should also bring some. If you stay on the main path (the only one) in, then you’ll eventually get to the southern mine, then Goron Town. Just as you enter Goron Town, then you’ll see a short cutscene of Divine Beast Vah Rudania sending things hurling down at the town. Talk to the Chief, and get started.

Prepping for the Fight

Before you can fight, you’ll have to find Yunobo, who went to the Abandoned Mine but never returned. There are quite a few enemies there, that you’ll have to avoid or fight. The cave that Yunobo is in is blocked by boulders, but you need to blow them up. There is a cannon nearby, that you can put a round bomb in and fire. It’ll break the boulders, freeing Yunobo. Then you can double back, and get to the base of Death Mountain. If you haven’t already, you REALLY should purchase the Flamebreaker Armor. Just the armor itself grants the fireproof ability, but doesn’t give as much defence as the entire set. (Duh.) You’ll also want some defence food, since there still are actual enemies. Go to the yellow dot on the map, and you’ll see Yunobo being attacked by two Moblins. Defeat them and you’ll be able to knock down the bridge, and start the fight.

Outside Fight

Once you activate the fight by going over the bridge, you’ll see a cutscene of Rudania sending out drones, that you’ll have to fight along with about 3 moblins, 1 & 2 at a time. You’ll be able to use Yunobo as a cannonball at the four cannons, but you’ll have to get to them first. I like to fight the drones by taking out their propellers with arrows, grounding them, and attacking them since then they can’t attack or defend. Be sure to keep an eye out for ores, since this is, (in my opinion,) the BEST mining spot IN THE GAME! (Here’s a hint, too! Try going up if you can’t go forward!) Once you fire all four cannons, a cutscene will show, and you’re shown boarding the divine beast, and activating a travel point.

Fireblight Ganon Tips

After activating all the terminals, you’ll get to fight the final boss. In the first phase when it has over half HP, it’ll mainly try swinging it’s sword at you. If you haven’t learned how to flurry rush, then I think you should go to the main shrine next to Kakariko Village. (I think. Tell me if I’m wrong in the comments.) The basic way is to target/shield, move in any direction a bit, and jump with X in that direction almost at the last second. If succesful, you’ll be rewarded with a slow time where you can get tons of attacks in. In the second phase, he’ll get stronger and different attacks. He’ll charge up a big attack where he sucks in the air around him. Lucky for you, he also sucks in Remote Bombs. He’ll try to shoot a laser at you, which you can dodge or parry. To parry, wait until a laser is coming at you, hold up your shield, (you can’t do this without one,) and press A at the perfect moment to block the laser back where it came from. He’ll also swing his fire axe (the same one, just with fire) that you can flurry rush. Continue this, and you should beat him easily!

Thanks for reading, and comment if you want on things that I missed.

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