The four main abilities and what they do in TOTK

There are four main abilities in TOTK, all of which are very useful. Today, we’re going over their properties and useful situations.

  • Ultrahand. This is the building ability, that serves VERY useful in this game. It lets you pick up a ton of objects, move them around, and stick them to each other. You can make bridges, stands, and even things like cars and hot air balloons! This might be the most important ability, if there is one.
  • Fuse. This is a very useful tool, too. It lets you take two weapons, or one weapon and one item, and fuse them together to create a new one. All weapons and items have a fuse attack power, which is how much attack power it’ll give when fused. They also featured some things that might happen when fused in the description. You can also fuse two weapons that are about to break and create a new one, that isn’t that low on durabillity! When a fused weapon breaks, first it’s the one that you can tell is almost on top of the other, then it’s the handle.
  • Acsend. This is a ability that lets you go straight through any ceiling, as long as it’s in range. This is very useful for getting out of the depths fast, getting to some sky island sections, and more! It can be used for a quick escape too, which can be useful for retreating without the enemy trying to follow you.
  • Recall. This is one of the abilities that makes it way easier to get to the sky islands, or just cover ground. If you’ve seen a rock fall from the sky with a “tail” behind it, then that is where to use recall. Recall (as said by the name,) recalls the item’s last movements. Recall can also stop time for anticipating your enemy’s next move. It can also send boulders or mini rocks back where they came from.

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  1. The ultrahand is such a cool addition to TOTK! Loved reading your description of these four abilities!

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