The Gerudo Main Divine beast quest in BOTW

Containing what I think to be one of the hardest locations in the game as part of the quest, today we’re going over how to beat the Divine Beast Vah Naboris main quest in BOTW.

Getting there

Just getting to Gerudo town it quite hard to do, since there is mountains and desert on the way! From the Great Plateau, you’ll need to go south-west, and go more west once you get to the mountains. You might also find the path in-between the mountains, but don’t go there just yet. You should wait until it gets narrower, since you’ll find a boko base, and two lynels in the open area. You’ll also find a hinox on the big island west of the Great Plateau, so you should be careful. Just before you get to the open desert from the path, you’ll find a stable and a shrine! In-between the farthest south part of the path and the stable, you’ll also find the Wasteland Tower, which will reveal Gerudo Town and other important locations for you. Once you get out into the open, you’ll find that it’s really hot. Your three options are: going in the daylight, but risking burning, going in the night but risking fighting stals, or just in-between, when you’ll have to hurry to avoid both in one go. You’ll want to stop at the Kara Kara Bazaar, (Oasis,) since you’ll be able to rest, cool down, and get some useful stuff there. You’ll eventually get to Gerudo Town, but you should activate the shrine that’s visible just outside the main entrance.

Forbidden City Entry

Once you get to the town, you’ll be disappointed to know that they only let in vai. (Women.) Once you get to the shrine, then you’ll see a man that says that he heard of a man that got into Gerudo Town! He says that he’s somewhere between the city and the oasis. If you go to the big building at the oasis and talk to the shopkeeper, you’ll hear that a man has been lounging on their roof! Wait until daytime, (if it isn’t already,) and go outside to the ladder and climb to the top of the roof. The man (that looks like a women) will eventually offer you 600 rupees for his set that will fool the guards. This is the only gear that I know that will fool the guards, except for the sand and snow boots, and the thunder helm. You can now go into the city, (with the gear on,) and talk to Chief Riju.

Yiga Clan Hideout

Chief Riju will tell you that you can’t approach Divine Beast Vah Naboris without getting electrocuted. With the thunder helm, they can get past that, though. However, the Yiga have stolen it. If you’ve found one before, then you’ll know that they’re some troublemakers, indeed. After going around the town a bit, you’ll learn that the Yiga LOVE banannas. Make sure to stock up before going to Karusa Valley. Although there are hacks to get past the hideout, it’s still fun. The main thing that you’ll be doing is either sneaking past a Yiga warrior, or luring them with banannas to sneak past a Yiga warrior. This takes some trial and error, so don’t rush it. You’ll eventually get to the final room, with no Yiga warriors in it. It has Duplex Bows, along with other little treasures. There is a section of the wall you can use magnesis on, and you can begin the battle by entering. Master Kogha never reveals his identity, but you can tell that he’s clumsy but powerful. The main ability that I used was Magnesis, since he uses magnetic spiked spheres to mainly attack. You can bring the spheres down on him, or hit him with an arrow at the right time to hit him with it! Do this for some time, and you’ve basically won! After clumsily falling into a pit with a backfiring attack, a chest will appear with the thunder helm.

Fighting Divine Beast Vah Naboris

Bring it back to the palace, and you’ll find Riju in her room on the second floor. Speaking with her will trigger a memory, and she’ll tell you that she’s ready to fight the beast now. Find her in a little hut a bit of walking from the town, and she’ll give you 20 bomb arrows that you’ll need. You’ll shield surf with a sand seal, while shooting bomb arrows at the four purple-glowing hooves. Each hoof takes the damage of two bomb arrows, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much. After it’s grounded, there’ll be a cutscene with you boarding the divine beast and setting up a travel point. The movable part in this beast is the stomach, which you can move after you get the map. You’ll use magnesis a lot, and you’ll want to cook some electric resistance meals before the fight.

Thunderblight Ganon

Once all the terminals are activated, you can activate the main terminal, but Thunderblight Ganon will stop you from doing that. The first phase is when he uses his lightning-fast attacks on you. The key here is to parry, flurry rush, or use statis. I find that flurry rush is effective since you can hear him go whoosh-whoosh-whoosh and then attack. In the second phase, he’ll sometimes do the lightning-fast attack, but his main attack needs magnesis. He’ll summon metal sticks, and then electrify them. You can pick up a stick with magnesis, and bring it under or over him, and it’ll hit him! He’ll be paralyzed for a second, then continue. Repeat this until he’s finished, and BOOM! You’ll get a heart container and Urbosa’s Fury for beating this divine beast. Urbosa’s Fury can make your charged attacks stronger with a radius, and it’ll electrify opponents in that radius. It’ll show a cutscene of the beast keeping a lookout on Calamity Ganon, and Urbosa’s spirit freed. Go back to Riju and she’ll give you some gifts for stopping the Divine Beast.

Getting the Thunder Helm

Once you’ve Divine Beast Vah Naboris is released from Calamity Ganon, you can go back to Riju for a way to get the Thunder Helm. Riju will ask you to solve the problems of the Gerudo, which includes side quests: Tools of the Trade, Medicinal Molduga, The Search for Barta, The Mystery Polluter, and The Secret Club’s Secret. Then, Riju will give you the Thunder Helm, which provides immunity to lightning.

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