Why to do a Salmon Run in Splatoon 3

If you’re not really into fighting against other people that are online, or you just want a break from the chaos of turf war, definitely consider doing a Salmon Run. Why exactly, though? This post will provide all the reasoning for you, explaining why to do one of the only Human vs Food battles. (It’s technically “vs Food” because they’ve evolved from the healthy salmon we know today.)

It gives fast coins

One of the pretty common rewards for your work in a Salmon Run can be a mystery sphere with 5,000 coins in it! Not only is it the exact amount of coins needed to play the Shell-Out Machine for the first time in 24 hours, (second time is 30,000 coins,) but it’s also about how much you’ll need to buy the average piece of clothing from a shop. This is very useful, seeing as you’ll get a mystery sphere after 100-200 points. (After about 1,200 points it’ll slow down to 200-400.)

It gives more than fast coins

Not only can the mystery spheres provide the 5,000 coins mentioned, but they can also provide other things! Sometimes food tickets, but you can also get clothes guaranteed! You can also get a golden mystery sphere every 600 points (soon it’ll slow down,) which can provide things like four food tickets, or 30,000 coins!

Discover useful weapons

In Salmon Runs, you will try out weapons to use. It’s likely that you’ll not have at least ONE of the provided weapons, but there still is a chance of not getting it. The weapons available include pretty much every one in the game, along with the exclusive Grizzco Brella, Grizzco Stringer, and more! This can really help you get familiar with or discover weapons in the game that might be your signature!

Buy stuff

Every time you complete a Salmon Run, the King Salmonoid meter will fill up. When it gets to the top with bubbles around it, then every next Salmon Run could have one. Fighting one will give you bronze and silver scales, while beating one will give you both and gold scales! You can go to where you usually get rewards, and there’s a shop where you can buy new outfits only for Salmon Run, (equip it at the locker-thingies,) Splashtag Banners, locker items, and actual clothes for turf war and looking cool. (Not in Salmon Run, though.)

That’s pretty much all for this post!

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