Your Fashion in TOTK

Although I’m not that much into fashion, especially in video games, I know that some people are, so use this as a guide to getting your favorite look in TOTK!

Koichi Dye Shop

Koichi Dye Shop is a very, unique shop located in Hateno Village. They offer two main services: Dyeing and Reworking. Just like in BOTW, you can dye your clothes here to make them more fun. Unlike BOTW though, it’s only 20 rupees and you don’t have to bring a thing that’s the color you want to dye. Although it can’t be used on some things and barely has an effect on others, it’s a fun option! You can also rework your paraglider here into your style. If you have a fabric then you can get your paraglider to have that, or once you complete the chuchu photo quest, then you can bring him images of certain things, and he’ll make a fabric of them.

Ventest Clothing

Also in Hateno Village, you can buy very special clothes here after completing The Mayoral Election quest. Cece will give you a poofy hat for completing this, then she’ll offer you the complete Hylian set, and the Royal Guard chestpiece! Cece can offer you other clothing pieces that you’ve got in the past, but at a VERY high price. She can also give you a “rating” on how you look, out of 100.


This is a cute shop located in Kakariko Village, that not only offers the Radiant set but also the Stealth Armor. If you complete the Gloom-Borne Illness quest then you get a major discount on the armor. The stealth armor is the only stealth armor I know of apart from the Yiga armor, and that isn’t upgradable. The radiant set gives you a glow effect in the night, which is quite similar to the miner set.

Gerudo Town Secret Club

This is a returning shop from BOTW, now with more clothes in stock such as the chest and pants of the Gerudo Voe set (the headpiece is at Kara Kara Bazaar,) and the Snow and Sand boots. You can only get this by clearing the Sand Temple (I think.) The Gerudo Voe set gives you heat resistance (not flame resistance) by wearing the set. The sand and snow boots increase walking speed in the named element. For example, with the sand boots you can walk normally in the sand.

Gerudo Town Starlight Memories

This is also a returning shop from BOTW, which now has pretty much all the same items as before. It specializes in head wear, with all the ores except for Large and regular Zonaite, and Luminous stones. Each piece has different effects, so try them out!

Bargainer Statues

These are statues that are scattered all over the depths (except for one at lookout landing) that provide great gear including the Dark set and the Depths set. The dark set simply just looks cool (I think) while the Depths set gives extra hearts that are only for gloom, and can be healed like other gloom-affected hearts. These statues will gradually offer pieces of each set, and I think all of them need to be found for all 6 pieces.

Brazen Beak

The only items that are offered here are the Snowquill set. This set can grant cold resistance with two pieces, but it’s still cool to have all of them. I only know of two pieces that grant cold resistance, and the set is cooler than one of the others. (By the way, those are the Divine Beast Vah Medoh Helm, and the Archaic Warm Greaves.)

Goron Armor Shop

The only items that are available here are the flamebreaker armor. Not to be confused with the Desert Voe armor, it grants resistance to flames, but NOT lava. This is the only place that I know of that you can get the pants and helmet, but you can get the actual armor in other locations, too.

Kotlin’s Shop

This shop was passed down from Kilton to Kotlin, and it has sure changed in that time! Now, it mainly accepts Bubbul Gems but has a bigger amount of things to buy. Unfortunately, you have to get them in a certain order and get monster parts along the way. You can get the Mystic set, which makes you lose rupees instead of health, and a TON of monster masks. There’s the Boko mask, Moblin mask, Lizalfos mask, Horroblin mask, and then Lynel mask. (In that order.)

Lookout Landing Armour Shop

This shop has tons of different armor pieces, just not all at once. They offer the Hylian Set, Radiant Shirt, Flamebreaker Armor, Snowquill Tunic, and the Stealth Chest Guard. Since they don’t offer some things dead at the beginning of the game, it isn’t the most reliable, but it’s a good way to get different things at one place.

I think that’s all the armor shops that there is in TOTK, and share your favorite combo of clothes! Mine is the Hylian hood and pants, and the Champion’s leathers!

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