Zelda BOTW: Divine Beast Rewards

Today, we’re going over all the rewards that you can get from the divine beasts in Zelda BOTW.

  • Divine Beast Vah Ruta. The main item is Mipha’s grace, which allows you to get resurrected with full and bonus hearts after dying. (So you don’t really die, you just get revived.) You’ll also get the Zora armor from this quest, which is the only armor in the game that allows you to swim up waterfalls. The Zora domain also serves well as a lookout point for paragliding to the Akkala region.
  • Divine Beast Vah Rudania. it’s been making Death Mountain erupt, which causes a lot of trouble for the locals. The main item here is Daruk’s protection, which serves as a invincible shield that can be used 3 times before needing to recharge. This is very useful, since you can use it to deflect Guardian laser beams. Although it can still send you sprawling if it was a powerful blow, it is still really good. One big benefit is also that Death Mountain is THE BEST place to mine in the whole game! When I go mining on death mountain itself, I’ll usually get topaz! In the divine beast itself, it is very dark before you turn on the lights, but in a cool way! This is (in my opinion) one of my favorite divine beasts to complete.
  • Divine Beast Vah Naboris. This is the desert divine beast, which is good and bad. It’s been stomping up sandstorms, which is the problem that it causes for the locals. It’s hard to find a way there, but you can find a way in-between the mountains. (I didn’t.) Then you can find a stable with a nearby shrine to teleport to, if you find it. (I didn’t. Also.) Then you’ll have to traverse the desert, and finally find the oasis, a very important place. There are two options for getting to Gerudo town. You can go in the sweltering heat, but risk dying of sunburns. Or you can go in the cold night, but risk getting attacked by stals. Risk either way. You’ll be very disappointed to know that Gerudo Town only lets in women, and you’ll need a way around it. You can get Urbosa’s fury, which makes VERY powerful charged attacks that electrocute and have a big radius. By doing a side quest after, you can also get the Thunder Helm, which makes you invincible to lightning. You’ll also need to go through one of the hardest locations, the Yiga Clan Hideout.
  • Divine Beast Vah Medoh. This is the mountain divine beast. It scares all that it looks down upon, and will attack if you get close. It is hard to even get to it’s location, since it’s “the mountain divine beast.” Once you cross the bridges (that I didn’t know even existed,) then you can go to the village head. You’ll eventually get to fight the beast, but one thing: If you’re bad with a bow, you’re bad at this fight. The main point of this is to shoot down the force field generators with bomb arrows, while avoiding attacks and fighting mid-air. The main reward is Revali’s Gale, which lets you create a updraft upward, and use your paraglider to cover some ground. This ability is great for going on long journeys, and climbing mountains. In the village you can purchase gear that can make you immune to the cold, but not the freeze effect from ice arrows and weapons. The village is also good as a place to go to the many shrines nearby, hidden in the mountains.
  • DLC Divine Beast. This is the divine beast made available by purchasing the Champion’s ballad expansion pack. After some quest completing, then you’ll go back to the Shrine of Ressurection, and face the trial inside. You’ll complete the four main rooms inside, each themed off of the other divine beasts. Once all four are completed, you’ll unlock the final trial in this pack. You’ll face Monk Maz Koshia, THE HARDEST BOSS in the entire game. He can multiply, teleport, dash and strike, grow in size, and more! He proves the ultimate trial in the game. The battlefield actually seems to be the moon, since it goes over all of Hyrule in one big loop, before repeating. The main reward is the motorcycle. This is a full-on motorcycle, capable of jumping, off-terrain, going forward and backward, turning, and more! Although it needs fuel, (I like using flint or rock salt,) it is very capable.

Although the DLC trial is debated as a divine beast, it’s still very good. If you have any questions or comments, then comment! (ESPECIALLY for the comment part.)

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