Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: A early glance

Today, we’re looking at what you can find out about Zelda: TOTK from just a few hours of gameplay. From gameplay to story, I’ll try my best. WARNING: There may be spoilers ahead.

New features

So far, I’ve gotten quite far for a few hours. Some new features include the Ultrahand, Ascend, and Fuse. These are abilities that Mr. Aonuma-san has demonstrated. This game also includes a different story, but from all the gameplay demos and the trailers, I thought that it was a What If? game. For example, what if Ganon had already invaded long ago, and was never defeated? I found it surprising that this game actually takes place after the Calamity Ganon was defeated in BOTW. There’s also a story that is so far inexplainable for me. Although before you actually start the game and you’re mostly in cutscenes or following Zelda, one of the parts there is definitely scary for younger ones. One main addition is the Zonai, a god-like tribe that descended from the heavens to Hyrule. The Zonai are quite advanced in technology, like the Sheikah. To wrap this section up, I’ll just say that the kingdom of Hyrule has evolved quite a bit for you to see.


There are three layers of map in this game, contrasting to one in BOTW. There is sky, surface, and underground. Each layer has a very smooth transition to the other, and you can tell that from just playing the game for some time. There are towers, but different ways of activation. Instead of trying to find it or climb it, you have to find a way in. There is the front door, but it’s sometimes obstructed. You’ll probably be sent on a side quest, which can get hard for beginners to the game. There is a beautiful landscape on the sky islands, opposite the dark and scary caves. There are little tents set up just inside the castle’s boundaries, but not on the floating thing itself. There’s also Lookout Landing, a new addition to the game. A cute little town that’s heavily guarded, it has one of the easiest towers to get to.


There are lots of enemies, definitely including new additions in this game. For one thing, the bobolkins, moblins, and lizal are stronger than previously. There are also boss bobolkins, who are VERY strong. There are also tons of new enemies that include the constructs. One of my personal favorite constructs is the flux construct, which constists of about 27 blocks. It can rearrange itself into a UFO, robot, or cube. You’ll find many new enemies, and I know the names of a very little number of them, so I can’t tell you more. There is a new boss, too! (Don’t get excited, he is good at being bad.)

Final Thoughts

With this vast world to explore, I think that this is quite the game. I only just started it on May 12, the release day, but I know I’ll like it. There are very good graphics, almost better than that of BOTW. (It’s hard to tell the difference.) I’ve already nearly finished helping the Zora Domain, but I know that the fun is yet to come. If you have any questions, please comment! If you have a comment, then comment that comment! (Did that make sense?)

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